The DSI Engenharia vigorously promotes and maintains global scale programs in order to reduce reuse or recycle the "scraps" of its production process. In addition to these programs, it's also reinforced a consciousness of energy conservation in its offices and work sites.


1. "Reduce, reuse and recycle! Energy conservation! Please!" – this message is passed with vigor in emails, folders and other communication ways;

2. The installation of economic light bulbs is mandatory;

3. The use of natural light is maximized;

4. It's our purchase police for computers, screens and electronics that they have the best energetic efficiency;

5. It's our police to buy remanufactured cartridges and tonners;

6. The habit of printing on both sides of the sheet is encouraged. The use of the back of old documents for faxes, drafts or sketches is encouraged;

7. It's our police to let available manuals and similar materials virtually, beside sharing printed copies;

8. It's our police that computers and other electronic devices that are no longer used, with less than five years and still working be donated to charity;

9. All electronic waste must be handled by a recycling company that compromise don't export these items and follow the applicable safety guidelines;

10. All the papers, plastics, glasses and batteries are segregated and collected to recycle;

11. The preparation instructions of our construction materials manufacturers are strictly respected, to use only the necessary water;

12. The maintenance of our vehicles and equipments is done accordingly to the specific programmed maintenance, reducing this way, the use of gas and emission of pollution;

13. The consumption reduction of gas and electricity is encouraged by turning off vehicles and equipments that are loitered;

14. Any "scrap" created during our activities process (ex.: wood) must be minimized and if possible, reincorporated in the production process;

15. Any oils and consumables are collected to recycling;

16. All construction waste, as papers, plastics, metals, glasses and in some cases construction materials, are segregated to be recycled by the competent companies.

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